Seamless Technology

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What is Seamless Technology?

The seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing almost free of seams. A specific knitting technology that uses specialized circular looms to develop garments that adapt perfectly to the body, making people forget that they are actually wearing them. By drastically reducing the fabric cutting and sewing process, there is an optimization of the production process making seamless production a lot faster than conventional. There are also fewer product failures since most of the garment failures are due to seam failure, which translated in better quality pieces.

It provides designers with a multitude of styles and colors in which to create beautifully designed products that fully integrate fashion with function for satisfying a variety of end-users. The seamless knitting machines almost eliminate the need to produce and then sew together pieces of fabric, thus making the seam obsolete.

All products are made with Santoni Machines of different diameters, in order to best meet customer requests, guaranteeing punctuality and speed in production. Investments in technology are a priority for the company: the fundamental cornerstone to be able to continuously develop innovative products while remaining competitive.


  • Fewer Sewing and Finishing Costs
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Fewer Machines involved in the production flow chart
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • ‘Just-in-time’ production
  • Reduced Yarn and Fabric Inventories
  • Quicker samples

Benefits Of Seamless Technology

The clothing is more comfortable, the fit is more composed, and it offers elasticity that helps your movements flow. Seamless technology creates more breathable and lightweight clothing which is smooth & soft on your skin because it has less seams or stitches.

Also, the compression fit is more intricate allowing special engineered zones and “wellness” applications. Seamless technology allows you to create different levels of compression and structures on different sections of the clothes. This results in a composed and snug fit that conventional clothing can’t match.

Plus, seamless technology is eco-friendly. It produces less waste as compared to standard methods. But more on this below.

Seamless clothing is style and performance oriented, its new-age fabric technology, its comfortable, and it fits like a glove.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Not only the seamless technology creates comfortable clothing like never before, but it’s also good for the environment. As compared to conventional methods of manufacturing, seamless technology is eco-friendly.

The conventional cut and sew process starts by outlining a shape onto a piece of fabric. Then the needed fabric is cut and sewn together. However, the remaining fabric which isn’t used for stitching is considered waste.

Hence, it all goes to waste. So, if a pair of leggings are to be made, they produce around 125 grams of waste. Now, if you were to make 1000 pairs of leggings, you’d produce 125 kilograms of waste. It is estimated that 15% of the fabric is wasted through conventional manufacturing. That is a lot!

Seamless technology, on the other hand, only uses material as per the requirements. The yarn is fed to the needles directly, and once the clothing is made, the yarn stops flowing. So, this process drastically reduces the waste.

It also minimizes human error. In fact, the controls and monitoring systems of seamless technology help reduce errors and automatically stop production discrepancies.
These two factors play a huge role in keeping seamless technology eco-friendly.

Recycling is another important aspect as we can use certified recycled yarns, thus reducing the footprint of the final item.

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